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Club Rides

These are organised by a number of people and are advertised using our Spond App. If you join you will get access to this and you will be welcome to post rides as well as join established weekly rides.

Saddleworth Mountain Time Trial

Held in mid May this time trial has a long tradition with the course record still being held by Chris Boardman. The course starts and finishes in Greenfield and goes up the locally named Isle of Skye road towards Holmfirth. It turns left and drops into Meltham before returning via the climb of Wessenden. Keep an eye out for entry via the CTT website.

The Beard Cup Hill Climb

2023 saw us take over the running of this historic event. The climb starts just up the road from Diggle Band Club and is about a mile in length. It forms part of the quintessentially British end of season hill climb scene.

Clarion Sunday

This is an annual social ride to the ILP Clarion House in Nelson. It is a wonderful ride to a massively interesting historical setting. Details of the ride are published in our Facebook Group. Please join the club to gain access to this page.


Saddleworth Clarion Audaxes

Join Saddleworth Clarion on our famous Audax rides.

Two fantastic routes, a massive Clarion welcome.

Nordsee Epos

Organised via our Facebook group, this fun weekend happens every October. It starts in Uppermill  and we ride to Hull and get the overnight ferry to...well that depends on where we land. Spiffing beers are enjoyed on the ferry on the way out and then we ride between 80km and 130km around Belgium/Netherlands. We get back to the ferry for more fortifying snifters and wake up back in Hull. Then you can ride back to Uppermill or organise your own transport back. This has been popular with non-riding club mates too who drive to Hull and then spend a day in one of northern Europe's beautiful cities.

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