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We welcome riders of all abilities though as a minimum you should be able to ride at an average speed of about 12mph or 20kph. You must have a serviceable bike with good brakes and be able to ride a minimum of 20 miles. 

Please click here to join Saddleworth Clarion. We would love to see you out with us!

Then make sure you join our Facebook group to get the most up to date information about our weekend road rides and mid-week MTB rides.


When you join Saddleworth Clarion you also join the National Clarion and benefit from 3rd Party Liability Insurance, their periodical, Boots & Spurs with news from other sections as well as:


  • 15% discount  Cotswold Outdoors

  • 15% discount Snow & Rock

  • 15% discount Runners Need

  • 10% discount Cycle Surgery (NB the discount code will be printed on your membership card).

  • 15% discount Lusso Bike (NB the discount code will be printed on your membership card)

  • 10% discount InMotion Products

  • Cycle with club mates throughout the UK

  • Rides and Events – a friendly welcome at rides around the country

  • Annual Easter Meet

  • Annual Autumn Meet

  • Access to Clarion Championship Races

  • Access to buy National Clarion Cycling Club Kit

  • Season-long points competition

  • Clarion Cyclists Welcome Clarion Friendly Venues

  • 30 Sections Across the UK and Europe

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