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Club Rides - No Rider Left Behind*

Calendar Here

Saturday C Rides


These are a good way to get to know the club. They are our most popular rides and depending on weather and rider ability can be 32 - 80 km in length. THERE IS ALWAYS A CAFE STOP! See the Facebook page for this week's ride or drop us an email. Average speed is 19kmh - 22kmh.

Sunday B Rides


For those on a shorter time frame. These rides are faster than C rides and the group tries  to be home by 1pm. See Facebook, or drop us an email for the meeting point. Average speed is 22kmh - 25kmh.

Sunday A Rides


Starting from Café Abaco these can range from 50 to 160 km depending on the time of year. They are not a super fast pace but you  must be fit to complete them. Again, check Facebook or drop us an email to get the latest ride. The start time depends on distance and time of year. Average speed is 19kmh - 25kmh.

Monthly Social Ride


On the last Saturday of every month we run a social ride for those completely new to club riding. The average speed is low and the ride doesn't leave Saddleworth. This is a great way to get to know the club and test your ability before you join us on one of the other rides. You can book a ride with us here  Average speed is 16kmh.

MTB Rides


These happen on an ad-hoc basis on Wednesday evenings. Usually meeting at 7.10pm at the bus turning circle in Uppermill for a 2 hour off road ride. Also some weekend off road rides organised for riders of all abilities and experience.

Weekly Gravel Rides

Organised exclusively via our Facebook group we are now running excellent gravel rides around Saddleworth, Tameside, Calderdale and further afield. They are managed by different club members and are run on several days of the week. If ever there was a reason to join SCCC it is these rides. They're friendly, well planned and run at a fun pace.

*NOTE: while we welcome riders to join us, there is a minimum fitness and equipment requirement that we would hope to see. Please make sure you have a serviceable bike and you carry at least 1 spare innertube, a pump, and tyre levers. The roads and tracks we travel can be steep so your brakes must be able to stop you quickly! This is especially the case if you're going to join the MTB riders. Our rides vary from 20 miles to 80+ all day rides and where possible we have a cafe stop. Before you join a ride please consider your fitness. Rides average between 12mph to 18mph depending on the group. Please ask via Facebook or our email if you are unsure of your ability. All that said, we would love to see you out with us!

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